Testing for optimal health

Quick question: have you had your blood tests assessed for optimal health?

Blood Tests

Blood tests are an excellent tool for assessing and monitoring overall health, identifying health risks and tracking medical conditions.

But did you know that there’s a difference between the ‘reference range’ and the ‘optimal range’?

The reference range is printed on your blood test results. The optimal range is narrower.

Average vs Optimal

The reference range indicates what’s considered average in the general population – but the optimal range focuses on optimal health for a specific age (and sex).

While results within the reference range are acceptable by the Ministry of health, being in the optimal range is closer to ideal health and is associated with disease prevention.

GPs work within the reference range, I work within the optimal range. Invoke’s clients receive a full blood test analysis as part of their wellness package 🤩

I track clients’ blood results over time to give us a clear picture of trends and degrees of optimum.

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